Language of Our Heart

We all have the right to communicate and engage in the language in which we feel most comfortable – the language of our heart.

Language is Power

At Community Language Cooperative we make sure that we are able to provide interpretation, translation and language justice training to ensure that everyone is able to participate in society and engage civically in the language of their heart.

How can we help you?



We believe in providing professional, quality interpretation into all represented languages.

Language Justice

Come with us on a deep dive into the principles of Language Justice as it relates to social justice movements.



We offer professional translation of written documents, speeches, content in books or any other text to another language.


Give us an objective for a meeting, event or presentation and we will provide a space of inclusiveness where that goal can be achieved by valuing and respecting everyone’s voice.

“The Cooperative is not just providing a service, it’s creating a relationship with us”– Rachel Cleaves, GES LiveWell

"La Cooperativa no solo está proporcionando un servicio, está creando una relación con nosotros". - Rachel Cleaves, GES LiveWell

Interpreter Spotlight

Meet one of CLC’s interpreters and hear about the unique role they play in supporting our mission.

Manuel Romero

Manuel earned his bachelor’s in translation and interpretation in Santiago Chile in 2011. An avid connoisseur of poetry and film, Manuel doesn’t just study language, he is absorbed with it. While he interpreted for his family as a youth, he passionately studied language in film and saw the need to improve the art, and the need for good interpreters. 

Today, Manuel prefers technical, precise translation challenges mainly focusing on documents. His recent work includes participating in the Covid Task Force for the Colorado Department of Health and Environment. 

Community Language Cooperative’s focus on the community drew Manuel to the organization and has inspired him to finish his master’s in early childhood education with an emphasis on special needs. Manuel envisions the two worlds intersecting, connecting individualized development plans with the kids that need them. 

Manuel’s other passions are playing guitar for a folk-indie rock band, attending concerts, and Lily, his 6-year-old hound.

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This video walks you through steps needed to enable interpretation on Zoom and create a calendar to share with CLC.

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