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About Us

What We Do

The Community Language Cooperative (CLC) provides interpretation services, focus groups, and inclusivity/diversity training to make community, academic and governmental events more accessible for all. We help remove barriers and broaden opportunities for participation and community engagement by non-English speakers and train organizations on implementation of inclusivity practices.

Our History

  • Founded in 2014
  • Cooperative Model
  • Focused on social justice and equitable community engagement

Our Values

  • Professional interpreting is a learned skill-set, not a power structure to be exploited
  • Dismantle the use of a dominant language
  • Cooperation
  • Youth Engagement
  • Fair compensation
  • Care and concern for community

Coop Ownership Model

  • Content needed

"Accurate, culturally-sensitive translations, especially to social justice groups” - Andrea Chiriboga-Flor, 9to5 Colorado

"Traducciones precisas y culturalmente sensibles, especialmente a grupos de justicia social." - Andrea Chiriboga-Flor, 9to5 Colorado

Want to get training in Language Justice?

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